Child Only Health Insurance in California

In a perfect world, California families could enjoy the convenience of having the entire family covered by one plan. Some local people enjoy this situation, but others need to purchase separate child only health insurance in California. This might be for a variety of reasons, including expensive group coverage for employee dependents, one parent living in another city than the child’s custodian, or having kids who do not even live with their parents at all.

Let us help you buy affordable health insurance for California kids. Begin by entering your hometown ZIP code in the quote box. Browse a list of top companies, click for more information, and call for personal service.

California Children’s Quick Facts

Public vs. Private California Options

Children from families with modest incomes might qualify for California CHIP or Medicaid, but these are usually HMOs with strict income requirements. Also, Covered California is the state’s health reform marketplace, and middle-income families may qualify for tax credits by buying private marketplace plans. To qualify, families have to earn between 100 and 400 percent of the federal poverty level and not have access to other affordable children’s health insurance.

These all take time to apply for and require documentation of income. Many Californians need to purchase coverage quickly and might not qualify for subsidies anyway. Meanwhile, a good insurance company representative can help you find the right option for your children. In some cases, that might be a public or health insurance marketplace option, and in other cases it might be individual health insurance that is not on the marketplace.

California Good and Affordable Health Insurance for Children

Most Californians select PPO health insurance plans when they have a choice. PPO members save the most money when they use the doctors and other healthcare professionals on the list of network providers. However, they can still get covered services, at a higher cost, if they choose to step outside of the network.

Finding Affordable Health Insurance Companies for California Kids

These are some of the largest private child only health health insurance companies in the state:

The right choice of California child only health insurance really depends upon which plans do business in your city or town, convenient HMO or PPO networks, and your preferences. Since each company offers their own plans and rates, the easiest way to compare California insurance quotes for kids is to enter your ZIP code in the box on top of this page. By providing insurance consumer articles and online health insurance quotes, we hope to help many Californians find affordable health insurance for children, adults, and seniors.